You are a nature and animal lover? You want to get involved in a good cause while getting field experience? You are not afraid of long days of hiking in the forest and meeting lots of creepy crawlies?

Well, we might have the perfect internship for you!

Do an internship with ABConservation!

ABConservation has been working in the Philippines since 2017, focusing on scientific research, conservation action plans, and raising awareness about the environment. We are regularly having international interns to take part in our research work. Check out our list of vacancies and feel free to send us your resume and cover letter at

For international students, please be aware that we are a small NGO. We cannot afford to provide a stipend for interns, and most of the costs (plane tickets, food, medicine, vaccines, …) will be at your expense.

For Filipino students from Palawan, we have a special agreement with the PSU to supervise you for an Undergraduate Thesis, Masters Thesis or PhD. Feel free to contact the Research and Extension Office to be updated on available opportunities open to Palawan students. You can also contact us at to make any project suggestions or Thesis proposals. For students at the WPU, you can directly send us an email at

Current vacancies

Young binturong- Ménagerie du jardin des plantes de Paris, France. Credit E. Baril

A cause de la situation sanitaire internationale, nous n’avons malheureusement plus la possibilité d’envoyer des stagiaires français aux Philippines. 


En 2022, nous proposons d’encadrer des stagiaires niveau L3 (ou grandes écoles) dans des projets de recherches bibliographiques. Il s’agit en particulier de travailler sur les thèmes suivants :

     – l’activité et les mouvements du binturong en milieu naturel (rythme journalier, déplacement et comportement arboricole)

     – les interactions sociales intra et inter spécifiques du binturong (territorialité, relation proie-prédateur)

     – les menaces et le statut de conservation du binturong en fonction des pays


Ces stages se dérouleront majoritairement à distance et pourront éventuellement être co-encadrés par La Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes de Paris.


Si un sujet vous intéresse, vous pouvez postuler en envoyant CV et lettre de motivation par email à

Previous interns experiences

Creating a camera-trapping protocol for the assessment of animal biodiversity in an area of Palawan Island, Philippines

Date: March to April 2019

Duration: 1 month
Location: Palawan, Philippines
Intern: Eléa Delsaux
Grade: Undergraduate (3rd year student)

“My job was first to prepare the field study by developing a camera trapping protocol, in order to assess the animal biodiversity of this area and to get confirmation of the presence of bearcats. Agathe was there to answer my questions and to guide me in that exercise. During my last week of internship, we went to El Nido to install camera traps in the new study site. I really loved being in the field, that was… awesome ! I was also able to follow all the work Agathe is undertaking. So I discovered the job of a researcher, all its aspects, and what it means to work for the preservation of a species. On top of that, Agathe also introduced me to Palawan and its culture, its beautiful places, its inhabitants… I not only fell in love with the binturong, but also with Palawan, its landscapes are more than gorgeous.” 


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