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Online escape game


60min – From 12 to 98 years old – from 1 to 4 players - Free

What is a virtual escape game?

The Escape Game is an entertainment in which participants are locked inside a room, most often themed. They have 60 minutes to solve puzzles that will allow them to get out. In our virtual escape game, we offer you a game on the same concept, but to do from home, alone or in a group.

Our escape game is completely free. None of the data entered by the player during the game (name, email address, ...) will be kept. They simply aim to make the adventure more realistic.


1/ You will only need your computer with an internet connection, a smartphone equipped with a QR Code reader, sheets and pencils to take notes. For several players, it is advisable to use a single computer screen.
2/ You have the right to use the internet to help you in the search for certain solutions. In particular, we recommend that you keep the ABConservation website open.
3/ All passwords are lowercase only. They can contain numbers.
4/ Feel free to click on the small "Clues" icon that will appear at the bottom of the page if you feel stuck in the game.
Do you feel ready to launch the adventure?


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