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News from the PWRCC 🐒🐊

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Good news! Renovation of the binturong enclosure is complete! 🎉 There are a few other developments to finalize before the animals can be transferred, but stay tuned: it's coming soon! 😍😁


The orchard is still going strong, thanks in particular to the student volunteers who come to look after it every week with Dimitri. It now contains plantations of green beans, eggplants, pumpkins... 🍆 All this will help feed Luzon parakeets, long-tailed macaques and Palawan porcupines. 🐒


Dimitri has also finished gathering all the information on the behavior and needs of the animal species present at the center. 📚 This provides a good database for improving their welfare and rations.


Find out more about our program at PWRCC on our website:


Aidez-nous à sa bonne réalisation en faisant un don, chaque petit geste peut permettre de faire de grandes choses. 🙏 Voici le lien pour la cagnotte du projet :…/aidez-le-centre-de-soin….