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News from the field 🐾 🎒

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The rain is slowing us down in the field, but the team is progressing as best it can! The 3 boys were joined by a new trainee, Joshua, who came to help us with the radio-tracking study. 🐾📡 🐾📡 The explorations have borne fruit, with the team spotting faeces that appear to have been left by the elusive binturong! 🔍 The camera traps installed last month are working well, and we're looking forward to seeing our favorite animal appear in them. 🤞 In the meantime, we got some more shots of the Common Hill Myna. 😍 This species is locally considered as Critically Endangered by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (Resolution 2015-521), so we’re delighted to have it on our cameras!

Otherwise, everything is being prepared to launch the capture attempts soon. The cages are ready to be used, and the GPS collar has been tested in the forest to check that it works properly and to estimate location errors. We still have a bit of work to do on the protocol, but we're on the right track! 💪 Stay tuned for updates on the project! 😁