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ABConservation at Subaraw Festival 2023

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Embracing November's warm sun 🌅, the intrepid Palawan crew embarked on a captivating journey into the heart of the 2023 Subaraw Festival. 🌴 This vibrant festival celebrates UNESCO's recognition of the Puerto Princesa Underground River back in November 2011 as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, but also pays homage to the intricate tapestry that intertwines the rich biodiversity, diverse culture, and the vibrant communities of this incredible island. 🌟


The team members connected with the welcoming communities of Sabang and Puerto Princesa, sharing Abconservation's story. 🤝 The exhibition stand ran by the team members, and adorned with educational posters and binturong-themed games, showcased our mission to raise awareness and generated funds through their exclusive merchandise and generous donations. The children's boundless enthusiasm added extra joy to the event. 🌈 The commitment to environmental preservation became even more evident when the team joined the beach cleanup activity on Sabang's main beach, leaving a positive impact in their wake. 🌊 It underscores their dedication to protecting the natural world and reminds all of us of our role in preserving our environmental heritage. 🐾


In these moments of connection, learning, and conservation, we're reminded of the power of collective action. Let's continue protecting our environmental heritage together! 🌏