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News from the PWRCC 🐒 🐊

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This month, the renovation of the binturongs' enclosure has well and truly resumed and advanced! 


 Dimitri and his volunteer, Arthur, have completed the interior layout and reinforcement work. 💪 💪 All that remains now is to build a system of trap doors between each lodge, which will make it easy to manage the exit or entry of each individual. It's really taking shape, the team are delighted! We can't wait to see the binturongs inside. 😍


As for the orchard, all the plantings are doing well. 🌱 🌱 In fact, the space has been enlarged and cleaned up to accommodate new ones. Students from the Palawan State University are continuing to lend us a hand and have met Dimitri.


Stay tuned for the rest of the project! 🥰