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Updates in the ABCconservation team

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The ABConservation team has seen significant changes over the past few months. It is with great emotion that we take a moment to reflect on these developments and the new faces joining our cause.

🍃Departures :

In August, Liezl,our volunteer responsible for the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (PWRCC), concluded her one-year mission. We want to extend our warmest thanks for the valuable time she dedicated to ABConservation. Liezl has done exceptional work at the rescue center, caring for the animals, renovating enclosures from A to Z, and drafting essential protocols. But that's not all! She has been an invaluable asset during our awareness events, demonstrating boundless enthusiasm, a warm smile, and unwavering determination. 🥰 We will miss her greatly and wish her all the best for her future endeavors! ☘️ Thank you again, Liezl; ABConservation is truly happy and grateful to have had you on the team 🫶.

In September, we said farewell to Priscylia,who decided to conclude her one-year volunteer commitment. She made a significant contribution to our social media presence and the creation of educational activities for our various initiatives. Priscylia also spearheaded the organization of the World Binturong Day in May, which was a resounding success. 🐾🍃


We also say goodbye to Romain, who took charge of all our projects after the COVID crisis in 2021. 🤝 His work has contributed to the development of the team's organization and our partnerships in Palawan. He was also deeply involved in our educational outreach, World Binturong Day, and dedicated many hours to the PWRCC. 🌿We warmly thank both of them and wish them the best in their future endeavors.🙏🫶

🌸 Arrivals : 


However, the ABConservation team in the Philippines continues to grow and thrive. 🐾 We welcome Harold, a volunteer since September, supporting the team in Palawan on various projects. 

Mya, an exchange student at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila for a semester, has also joined the team to develop partnerships and awareness activities in the capital.

Sarah, a Master's student in Environmental and Sustainable Development, arrived in Palawan at the end of last month. She will work for six months on the educational aspect of our organization. 

Finally, Dimitri, an animal caretaker, joined the island last week. He will work for one year on our PWRCC program, succeeding Liezl to renovate the center's enclosures, improve the animals' well-being, and manage the orchard for their food. 


We extend a warm welcome to these new recruits and express our deep gratitude for their dedication to ABConservation's activities. Without their invaluable contributions, our mission couldn't progress as far. Together, we form a determined team committed to preserving biodiversity and protecting endangered animals. 🌿🌍🫶