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CERZA Zoological Park renews its support for ABConservation

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On July 23, 2023, CERZA Zoological Park, represented by Frédéric Houssaye, announced the renewal of its valuable financial support to the ABConservation association, represented by Pauline Kayser. This collaboration will continue until 2025, with an annual financial commitment of €2000. 🎉

Through its Cerza Conservation association, established in 2000, CERZA Zoological Park provides invaluable support to various conservation projects. ABConservation is honored to be among the beneficiaries of this initiative. 

The entire ABConservation team extends its warmest gratitude to CERZA Zoological Park for its trust and financial support. Thanks to this ongoing commitment, ABConservation can strengthen its awareness and research efforts, thus contributing to the conservation of our planet and its four-legged inhabitants. It offers hope for a brighter future for our furry friends and demonstrates the power of unity in wildlife protection. 🕵🏻‍♀️🐾