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News from France

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 Since April, ABConservation has welcomed Mathilde and Lise as civic service volunteers! Since May, they have been meeting you at various events: during World Binturong Day at the Menagerie de Paris, at the MNHN's Nature Festival, and on dedicated conservation days in zoological parks 🐾. We extend our gratitude to our partners Les Terres de Natae, Zoo de la Boissiere, Zoo parc de Trégomeur, CERZA, Parc Animalier d’Auvergne, Zoo du Bassin d'Arcachon, Play for Nature, for their warm welcome in their parks and their vital financial support for the continuity of our research on the Binturong in the Philippines, as well as for our awareness-raising activities. This support enables ABConservation to fulfill its role in raising awareness about the Binturong, communicating its various actions for its protection, and providing environmental education. Thanks to the association's volunteers for their support during these days. Thanks to all the people who came to meet us and for their support through donations or the purchase of association souvenirs 🙏🏻💚. Your assistance is invaluable in keeping our organization alive!