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News from Palawan 🏝

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During the week of August 24th, our scientific team had the privilege of immersing themselves in the world of scientific conferences. Two of our members had the opportunity to share their knowledge and gain new insights at events dedicated to biodiversity conservation. 🐾🍃

Éléa had the chance to travel to Sorsogon City on the island of Luzon to participate in the 31st edition of the Philippine Biodiversity Symposium. Organized by the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines, this conference spanned four days, from Tuesday to Friday. It featured several plenary sessions, workshops, and presentations. Participants explored a wide range of topics, including progress made over the past two decades. 😍 Furthermore, promising perspectives and innovations were shared for more effective management of protected areas and the preservation of endangered species. 🦅 The discussions and exchanges during this conference were rich in insights and served as a source of inspiration for the ABConservation team.

Meanwhile, in Palawan, Reziel took part in the 4th edition of the International Conference on West Philippine Sea. This conference, which took place over two days, on Thursday and Friday, focused on marine biodiversity management and was organized by the Western Philippines University. Like Éléa, Reziel had the opportunity to present ABConservation's research work aimed at better understanding and protecting the binturong. This participation further strengthened our commitment to preserving marine fauna and flora in the region. 🐾