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ABConservation's Birthday

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Today is a big one for ABConservation! 🤩 🤩
Hey yes it's OUR birthday!!! Today is our 9th birthday!!! 🥳 🥳
9 years of passion, sharing, commitment, encounters, discoveries and above all 9 years of studying and protecting our beloved Binturong!!!🐾🐾
Once again this year, we're very grateful and proud of all the progress we've made over the past year: a new scientific team, awareness-raising during our various interventions in France and the Philippines, new partners, new members, etc...
We still have plenty of projects on the go and more to come! 😉 😉 .
Many thanks to all our members for their dynamism, sharing and passion! Once again this year, we're highly motivated to bring all our various projects to fruition!
Thank you all for supporting us in this great adventure! 🫶 🫶
Feel free to share your best memories with ABConservation, we'll be happy to read you, or re-share your stories!