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First of all, a big thank you to our teams of volunteers, but also to all our partners for the organization and smooth running of the event in the Philippines, France and England. It was a great success with more than positive feedback. The ABConservation teams were able to meet the general public by organizing several activities and contest around the binturong.
Like every year, the challenge was to make binturong known to as many people as possible in just 24 hours. Mission accomplished successfully! In addition to our teams, once again zoological parks from all over the world and wildlife rescue centers were present to talk about binturong. There are also hundreds of publications on social networks that have been shared by Internet users.
The success of this day is the result of passion! Thank you to all the volunteers and partners for organizing this day! Thanks also to all members of the NGO! Thank you netizens! Thank you to all the enthusiasts who made this day come alive!
ABConservation and the binturongs say see you next year on Saturday, May 11, 2024!