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Happy World Binturong Day everyone!!

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Created by ABConservation and first organized in 2015, today for the 9th consecutive year we celebrate the World Binturong Day. A day that aims to make the bearcat known to as many people as possible in as many places in the world as possible! To arouse people's curiosity towards this still mysterious, enigmatic and incredible animal. To create vocations among the youngest among us to study it in its natural environment, but also of course to protect it. And how ??? Whether we live close to the living environment of the binturong or whether we live 10,000 km from it, we have all the means to act in favor of its protection. Protecting the forest at all costs, it is not only the future of the binturong that is at stake, it is also that of a thousands of species (including ours) that depend on it to survive. The binturong is a wild animal, avoid photos on social networks that could make you think that it is a pet.

Talk about binturong around you, arouse people's curiosity 😉Consume locally (the transport of goods releases a lot of CO2, which increases the warming of our planet and therefore causes climate change which has an impact in Southeast Asia and therefore on the living environment of the binturong), favor non-polluting transport such as the cycling, avoid single-use products and prefer reusable products (totebag, water bottle, cloth napkin, bamboo straw, etc.). In short, on a daily basis, all small gestures count to protect the binturong, and what better time than the World Binturong Day to start becoming actors and taking action 😉