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Participation of our team in different events 🫶

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Last week-end our team participated in several events, the 52nd anniversary to PPUR and Hour Earth.


For the 52nd anniversary of PPUR we had a booth in Sabang and where we offered different activities such as: animal bingo, where is the binturong, memories, puzzle… and we sold some goodies including: mugs, stickers, wristband rubble and puzzle.🤩


On Mars 30, the Earth Hour event took place.🌏


Our partner, City Enro invited our team to participate in this event, through several actions such as planting trees and treating polluted water, they contribute to the protection of biodiversity in Palawan.


But what was the purpose of this event?🤔

It aims to raise awareness about environmental protection for current and future generations. It also aims to remind people that climate change is real and we all need to be careful with our consumption.


What happens during this event? 🧐

The lights are switched off for 60 minutes, this time was dedicate to our Dear Earth. The aim of this action is to encourage people to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions, our use of plastic and take care of our environment.


The whole team, was really happy to participate to this two events.😁