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World Binturong Day 2023!

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The entire ABConservation team is pleased to announce the date of the 9th edition of World Binturong Day😻! It will take place on Saturday, May 13th 🥳!

 We warmly thank @malundoodle for creating the official poster! 

Indeed, one of the NGO's first observations on the situation of binturongs was that this animal, besides suffering from deforestation and illegal trade, was also poorly known by the general public. It even appeared to be the case in countries the species is originally from!  

Although it was first described in 1821, the first in situ study program on this species was launched about two centuries later. For the past 200 years, most data on the binturong was collected from captive individuals. However, their behaviour can differ significantly from free-ranging individuals.  

Consequently, now in 2022, we still know very little about the binturong. How could we create vocations to protect it, learn more about it and preserve its natural environment? The idea: creating a World Binturong Day, which would reach a maximum of people in a short time!  

We hope that even more of us will take part in the event this year! 

We hope that even more of us will take part in the event this year! Send us a message ( if you plan to organize the #WBD2023 in your city, school, company, zoo, rescue center or any other structure.