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Noël aux Philippines 🎅🏼

By ABConservation - Updated on 12/25/2022

Christmas is an annual festival where the world pays respect and celebrates the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth on 25th of December. In the Philippines, the holiday is more than just a festivity. Christmas is the Filipino celebration of family, tradition, and community.


When the "-ber months'' begin (as soon as the 1st of September), us Filipinos start to hear the joy of Christmas medleys on the radio, in malls, on television ads, and even in fast food centers. The first day of September is when we start to count down the days up to the 25th of December! The music doesn’t seem to stop from then on, either in the malls and department stores. We also start to see Christmas decorations and toys that boost and feel the Christmas presence in the country. In the middle of festivities most civil organizations and government units find the opportunity and their duty to visit and extend family for more rural communities, calamity victims, and those homeless for gift-giving - it's one of our ways of thanksgiving.  


In this vivacious season, apart from the all-over known Christmas tree, Filipinos never forget to display the iconic "Parol" symbol on their homes! Traditionally, Filipinos believed that the star lantern or "Parol" symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness as well as the shared expression of faith, hope, and goodwill. It is also a representation of resourcefulness that is uniquely Filipino. All more than just a Christmas holiday.



As early as December some communities, schools, churches, and other busy offices start doing their Christmas undertakings. Most individuals list down and plan their party invitations and other errands. In schools, companies, and most offices, a Christmas party is a must to mark an end to working days before they will enjoy a long-week Christmas break or vacation. What’s perhaps even more fascinating is that employees are also expected to receive a Christmas gift, bonus, and 13th-month pay from their employers to use in spending with their family. On the 15th of December, in Catholic church tradition, it's the genesis of the "Simbang Gabi" or "Misa de Gallo" a nine-consecutive night series of masses. Starting from the 16th of December those who visit the church will begin attending as early as 4:00 AM for a nine-consecutive Misa de Gallo. 



The Christmas season is most exciting and complete when we start seeing children caroling in every house and on the streets. It is one of the most quintessential throw-back memories of every Christian childhood back then and now. The fact that happy children uplift the spirit of Christmas through and through is undeniable, and without them, Christmas in the Philippines is not as joyous as it can be. With a merry and festive momentum around, people typically rush to go to the market as early as possible to buy something to prepare for the ''Noche Buena'' on the eve of the 24th. It is in the culture and tradition of Filipinos to be at home with the whole family from the 24th eve (Noche Buena) until the 25th day spending all the time with loved ones. We also never forget to extend our blessings and give family to those homeless and neglected. It is how Filipinos value and have a solid devotion to family even with or without food on the table. 

Dans l’ensemble, ici aux Philippines, nous saisissons l’occasion joyeuse et dansons au rythme de la saison de Noël avec amour, respect, dévotion et harmonie envers ceux qui ont une famille ou non. C’est une occasion universelle et spéciale qui réchauffe tous nos cœurs. Tout au long de la journée, nous célébrons, chantons, dansons, faisons la fête et rencontrons de nouvelles personnes. Nous pouvons avoir différentes façons de célébrer Noël dans le monde, mais n’oublions pas que cette joyeuse saison n’est pas seulement synonyme d’amusement et d’excitation, mais aussi un rappel de l’importance et de l’essence du don et du partage avec notre famille et nos amis, et plus encore avec ceux qui sont dans le besoin ; un état d’esprit bien ancré dans la communauté philippine. Ce qui rend la fête encore plus amusante, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de cadeau bon marché ou cher à offrir, tant qu’il est pur et sincère. Après tout, le plus grand cadeau que nous ayons reçu est le cadeau de la VIE, qui est la chose la plus importante pour laquelle nous devons être reconnaissants, et dépenser de la bonté et de la gentillesse pour la communauté est ce que nous devrions rendre et échanger chaque jour. Pour cette raison, nous vous souhaitons, ainsi qu’à tous ceux qui célèbrent avec nous, les plus joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année.


Thanks to our general assistant of the philippines branch for sharing with us this article about Christmas.
Written by Jesie Robredo


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