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The Global Warming

By ABConservation - Updated on 11/09/2022

  • What is the global Warming?

Global warming is the unusual globaland rapid in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century. This increase in the surface temperature is due to the greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere.


   Greenhouse effect!
  • What is the cause?

The cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect, caused by the greenhouse gases.

A greenhouse gas is a gas which trap the energy that the Earth emits in the atmosphere, and stops it from being lost into space.

As this energy produces heat, more there is greenhouse gas, more the energy is trapped in the atmosphere and more it gets hotter.

Example of greenhouse gases : C02(dioxygene), O2(oxygen), CH4(methane).

Most greenhouse gases are natural. For example water vapor is the most common greenhouse gas and causes most of the greenhouse effect on Earth.

Those greenhouse gases are important because they permit us to live on Earth. Indeed, without those gases, life as we know would probably not be possible, the Earth would be too cold to live on.
However, nowadays with all the human activities there are too much greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere so the planet is getting hotter and hotter.
Indeed the human activities, like transportation, producing energy or working in industries need to burn fossil fuels, which release a lot of CO2 in the air.

  • What are the effects?


This increase in the Earth’s surface temperature lead to several dysfunctions : 


– Acidification of the ocean. This leads to a loss of sea animals such as coral.


– Climate change : natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense (storms, typhoons, rainfalls in some places droughts, heatwaves in others).


– Rising sea levels causing coastal flooding


– Destruction of habitats and loss of biodiversity


– And many more… 

  • What are the solutions? 


– Less consumption to lessen production. This will reduce the release of greenhouse gases in the air.

– Trees and vegetation in general have the ability to absorb C02, one of the principal greenhouse gas.

– Saving the forests and nature in general means saving the planet from global warming. 


– Don’t forget the phytoplankton ! This tiny plant living in the water absorbs it also a lot of C02 such as the trees !

– Saving the oceans, lakes, and rivers in general means saving the planet from global warming.


Final message: 


Don’t forget that the global warming is just one of the elements of the climate change and the climate change in one of the elements of the global change. 



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