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The new research project manager is getting prepared for Palawan

By Eléa Delsaux - Updated on 2022/10/14

Tree climbing training of Elea [Credit: E.Delsaux]

Hey to all of you!

I'm Éléa, some of you might recognize me, I joined Agathe in the Philippines in 2019 for the internship of my third year of Bachelor degree in Biology & Ecology. Having fallen under the spell of the binturong, the association and Palawan, I never managed to let go of it and kept in the back of my mind the hope to come back one day. 

Well, you should know that it's going to happen very soon! 🤩 New adventures are waiting for me and there are still some great things to come for the Filipino team as well, which I can't wait to join. 🥰 🥰

Tree climbing training.

In order to be well prepared for my upcoming mission, ABConservation made me attend a 3-day training in tree climbing techniques at the start of September. 🧗🌳 Already practicing and loving mountain and indoor climbing, I was eager to try my hand at tree climbing.


During the first day, I discovered the equipment, the protocol, as well as the basic techniques. After the theory, it was time for practice! The other student of the training and myself were able to apply our learning and discover the sensations on a first tree. We first climbed on the lowest branches, then up and up! 💪😁

I loved it and immediately felt like I was in my own element, like I had always been doing this! I did climbing trees as a kid, but not like this ahah!


Comes the second day, we start by reviewing our skills of the previous day and then it's time to learn how to move in the trees. That means: once at the top, to know how to continue to go up, from branch to branch, in full safety. After some trainings on affordable trees and a good picnic in the nature, we tackle a very big tree and we climb as high as possible! To approximately 20 meters! It was awesome and the view, stunning.😍 Again, I loved it.

3 days of theory and practice!

After a restful night, I was back in shape to climb to the trees and enjoy this last day of training. We reviewed the theory and practice again and then learned some additional or alternative techniques in terms of equipment. Finally, we discovered how to set up hammock-style seats on the branches so we could rest and eat a nice picnic lunch! It was a great time, suspended high in the treetops.🌲🍃

I am very grateful to ABConservation for all the opportunities it offers me as well as all that it will allow me to learn. I am really lucky.☺️ This training went wonderfully and I am looking forward to climbing trees in the beautiful forests of Palawan, while respecting them as much as possible and damaging them as little as possible.

Stay tuned to follow the rest of our journey!

See you very soon,

Éléa 🌞



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