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Testimonies of our interns!

By ABConservation - update on 09/15/2022

The Philippine team of ABConservation was really happy towelcome internsfor several months. They were able to accompany our scientific team on the different ongoing projects.


Thanks to our interns for their involvement, their joy and their thirst for learning! 🫶


The whole ABConservation team wishes them a good continuation in their study. 😁


If you also want to join the adventure with us do not hesitate to contact us! See you in the section SUPPORT US !  🤩


The testimonies : ⤵️

"Veterinary students in Lyon, we had the chance to realize a two weeks internship at ABConservation in Palawan. Thanks to Romain, we were able to discover the different activities related to our future job. During the first week, we met the veterinarians of CityVet, did artificial insemination of carabaos, visited the milk farm of Palawan, and participated in sterilization of dogs and cats. In our second week, we visited the Palawan Wildlife Rescue Center and a veterinary clinic; and finally we volunteered with ABConservation partnerships such as the Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation and Street Dog Sanctuary. Thanks to Romain we discovered the island of Palawan, its customs, its gastronomy, its beaches and its magnificent landscapes. This short internship was rich in discoveries, experiences and encounters !”

Emma and Ludivine
Veterinary students-interns

“For my internship, I worked as a research assistant intern with the scientific team (Aymeric, Rollyna, Joy, and Jabes) to gather all the necessary information and experience we needed to begin the Bearcat Study Program (BSP) in El Nido. 

First, at the Puerto Princesa office, I also contributed to scientific tasks and to the team’s scientific reports, wherein we analyzed the ecology and potential presence of bearcats at the El Nido site. Then at El Nido, I joined the team for a 2-week fieldwork, where we trekked and surveyed the study site and trained for tree climbing and setting up the bearcat cage. Lastly, I also discovered a lot about the great community in Puerto Princesa as well as the conservation efforts that they have developed in the city. I was immersed in the city’s cultural and environment-related festivals (with Romain, Priscylia, and the scientific team), and I interviewed some representatives of ABConservation’s partner organizations about their perspectives on working in the conservation sector. 

All in all, this internship has begun to teach me what it means to be an NGO researcher in the office and on the field, which I realized is no easy feat but is an amazing and fruitful learning experience that not many have the opportunity to have. I also learned a bit about what conservation means in the Puerto Princesa community, and how important local action and awareness of conservation are in order for endangered species like the binturong to thrive in its ecosystem.”

Conservation student-intern

"I joined the scientific team just as they were going on their 3rd fieldwork excursion, which was focused on training for tree-climbing, cage setup, and general trekking and surveying of the study site in El Nido. Being in the field for 2 weeks with Aymeric, Joy, Rollyna, and Sylvia, I learned a lot not only in basic fieldwork activities of a researcher, but also in team building. After the first excursion, I was also exposed to the office work in the base office at Puerto Princesa, and all the important behind-the-scenes work that goes into this research study, such as administrative tasks and protocol-making. For my last two weeks, I am going back to the field for one and a half week, this time with the aim of additional transecting of the site and installation of the traps, after which I will finish up in the office. Overall, this internship opportunity is an amazing overall experience, involving not only pure fieldwork, but also other crucial tasks concerning the conduct of conservation studies." 

This experience has only cemented my love for both research and the outside environment.

Biologist student-intern



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