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News from the field

By Aymeric Dufresnoy - updated on 05/03/2022

Construction de l’abri en forêt, avec les guides, Rollyna, Joy et Aymeric [Crédit A.Dufresnoy]

After arriving on Monday 14th March in the field in El Nido (North of Palawan), we met the guides we were working with and started building the shelter in the forest.

[...]to map the future study area [...]

Romain helped us for the first few days and then returned to the Office in Puerto Princesa. Aymeric, Rollyna and Joy stayed all week to map the future study area for the camera traps, identify and geolocate, in advance, the potentially interesting sites to install the cameras.

Forest, North of Palawan, El Nido [Credit : A.Dufresnoy]

The field trips are good moments to bond a team through sharing moments. Life in the wilderness is rough, but always creates unforgettable memories and anecdotes. During this time, we collect data on the topology of the area and a report is constantly needed, after the fieldwork, to clean up the data collected (despite the steepy relief).

Forest, North of Palawan, El Nido [Credit : A.Dufresnoy]

After the scientific committee has validated our data, we will return to the forest to set up the camera traps. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that our cameras will photograph this mysterious animal that ABConservation is trying to study and protect: our friend the Bearcat.



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