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Welcome Rollyna!

By Rollyna Domingo - updated on 11/02/2022

Rollyna is leaning on the railing of the small terrace of the ABConservation office

Rollyna sur la terrasse du bureau de l’antenne philippine d’ABConservation [Crédit R. Pageaud]

Hello friends!


It has been quite a wait, but I am finally here! This is my first time in Palawan, and it is so exciting to start working for conservation as well as knowing that the beautiful Palawan beaches and forests are now within my reach.


I already worked with ABConservtation for my thesis!

I first discovered ABConservation through my thesis adviser, who already contacted Agathe in the past. I wanted to work on binturongs for my thesis and she recommended that I reach out to the organization to see what else I can do for this endangered wildlife species. From then on, I have been in contact with Agathe for my diet and behavioral thesis on binturongs in Palawan. The pandemic was still happening at that time and going to Palawan for fieldwork was impossible. Because of this, I changed my research from behavioral to predictive distribution mapping of the binturong habitat in Palawan. Even with the change of topic, Agathe still supported me and shared some data that could be of use.

After graduating, I took a break from scientific type of work and became a freelance illustrator. I knew I wanted to get a job that is close to my wildlife biology background, so I also started to look for jobs in line with conservation. Taking a break made me realize how much I love and miss fieldworks. By late 2021, I saw that ABConservation was looking for a new Research Assistant for their Bearcat Study Program.

I applied to the job offer as soon as I heard about it!

With the heart to work for binturong conservation once again and the fieldwork experience I got from the years spent in University of the Philippines Los Baños, I sent my application for the job. I was glad to hear that Agathe was really excited to get my application since we have previously worked before for binturong research. Through the application process, I also got to meet Romain and Aymeric, the new additions to ABConservation family. And by the end of the process, I became the newest addition to the ABConservation’s Philippine Team.

A travers le hublot d'un avion, on voit l'aile ainsi que des nuages, la mer, une mangrove et des habitations au loin.

La vue de l’avion à l’arrivée sur Puerto Princesa [Crédit R. Domingo]

Waiting to go to Palawan was quite a long process but after a month, I finally got to arrive in Puerto Princesa last February 4. Romain and Joy gave me a very warm welcome to the ABConservation office where I stayed for about a week before I finally settle into this new place


It is my first time in Palawan and I’m so happy to start my career with something close to my heart. Thank you, ABConservation for the opportunity! I can’t wait to grow more as a wildlife biologist and explore a new paradise. Here’s to new places, new people, and new beginnings!



French Office
57 rue Cuvier MNHN CP31
75005 Paris
Filipino Office
88 Paduga Road, Barangay Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa city
5300 Palawan

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