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By ABConservation - Updated on 2022/01/11

Christmas meal [Credit : R.Pageaud]

This Thursday December 16th, we had our Christmas party with ABConservation team here in Palawan.

Nevertheless, I have to admit this year Christmas “magic” is less everywhere: Covid restrictions have a strong impact on it.

Ah… Christmas in Philippines… what a story: it starts early September (even august sometimes) with decoration, Christmas songs everywhere and the first people who wishes you “merry Christmas”; and it continue until the special day with a full week of early mass (4.30am) which would bring you success if you attend it all. 

Nevertheless, I have to admit this year Christmas “magic” is less everywhere: Covid restrictions have a strong impact on it.

Anyway! On this December 16th we decide to celebrate our own little Christmas here in Abconservation:

- let’s wake up at 5am in order to leave 5.30am, no joke! We go with 2 motorbikes for a treck to attend the early day light on the top of a small mountain 20 minutes from our office. The walking path reminds me of south of France with red soil and many small rocks. On the top we enjoy the beautiful view of Puerto Princesa , the bay and all the valley.

- 8h30: back in Puerto Princesa for the breakfast, we stop in a restaurant for a morning soup. Then Jib and Joy go to buy food for the barbecue. I use this time to go to buy ingredients to prepare crêpe and cheese sauce.

- 10h30: break time to rest and then time to prepare the office for the event; we also invite our companion and the neighbors who are the keepers of the house.

It was a very nice day which, to my mind, perfectly reflect the Christmas spirit here.  



- 15h: we start cooking and preparing everything, on the menu we have: barbecue (pork, vegetables), pizza, crêpes, potatoes, fried eggplants, tacos, chicken…

- 18h: everything is ready, we all put our Santa Claus hats et we start to eat. Tatay (dad, the neighbor) tell us stories about the house, we share stories and… enjoy the food.

- 20h: things are getting serious; the neighbors bring their karaoke (compulsory here to any good party) and we use this installment time to exchange some small gift between us. Jib deserve a special gift as his mission with us ends in December 31th.

- 20h15: beginning of the karaoke, with some beers we sing… bad as far as I’m concerned; maybe I shouldn’t have sung because as we say if France bad singers make rain come and the typhoon started just after our Christmas party on Friday 17th.


I would just want to say a special thanks to Jib who organize this day and who is leaving us: I wish you all the best for your American dreams!




French Office
57 rue Cuvier MNHN CP31
75005 Paris
Filipino Office
79 Abanico Road, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa city
5300 Palawan

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