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By ABConservation - Updated on 2021/12/01

Binturong at the Ménagerie du jardin des plantes [credit E.Baril]

Since I started working at ABConservation as a student intern, my curiosity and eagerness to learn and know more about the binturong kept growing. Considering the previous and future projects of the organization, I thought about which study I could participate in during my internship. I came up with a little idea on how I would study the binturong while contributing to the conservation of Palawan forests.

Agathe mentioned the “Rufford Small Grants Conference” she had attended previously. 

At that point, the scientific officer Agathe, together with Jib, the research project coordinator of ABConservation, helped me create a research project using these small ideas. Agathe mentioned the “Rufford Small Grants Conference” she had attended previously. The goal of Rufford Foundation is to provide grants for conservation projects to local MSc and PhD students from developing countries.

After some discussion with Agathe and Jib, I decided to apply for a grant from The Rufford Foundation to fund my research project. I started conceptualizing the study last February and came up with the title “The Relationship between the Forest and the Binturong”. The aim is to make a comprehensive list of the plant species part of the binturong's diet, as well as understanding the impact of the binturong’s feeding behavior and digestion on seed dispersion and germination, by analyzing the animal’s feces in-situ.

Binturong feces in a strangler ficus, Palawan Island [Credit: P.Kayser]

I eventually submitted my application to the Rufford Foundation on April 21st, 2021. 

It was then assessed by the trustees of the foundation. On October 13th, I received an email from this institution informing me that my application had been approved. 

Thanks to the Rufford Foundation and ABConservation, my research project will soon become a reality. I can’t wait to start this project!



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