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Some binturongs at CERZA zoo

By ABConservation - Updated on 24/08/2021

Educative intervention with the help of our binturong's game. [Credit A. Debruille]

On July 18th, and for the very first time, ABConservation’s team intervened at the CERZA, in Normandy!

An aducative day under the sun from Normandy
Pauline and Agathe arrived early, on this lovely Sunday morning, in front of the entrance gate of the CERZA. After a warm welcome from Frédéric Houssaye, assistant curator of the zoo, they quickly get to work and within an hour, had set up the stand and were already greeting the first visitors. As with every intervention, our two co-presidents are equipped: educational panels, game of snakes and ladders (binturong version), a shop with items bearing the image of our favorite species and, a small novelty especially planned for the CERZA, binoculars. Indeed, in this very natural park, the binturongs have access to large trees, and they spend most of their time up there. With the dense foliage, it is not always easy to spot one of the five male residents of the park, especially for an untrained eye!
Visitors flock to the zoo, the heat of summer rises, and the binoculars are passed on from one pair of eyes to another (with the mandatory disinfection between each person, of course!). Fortunately, Arnaud, member and faithful volunteer, arrives later in the morning to give a hand for a few hours, which allows our duo of the day to breathe a little. The day goes on and ends as it began: in a cheerful and sharing spirit.
Many thanks to the CERZA zoo for its donation of 1000€!

In addition, Frédéric is also a bearer of good news: the CERZA will become an official sponsor of the association! A donation of 1000€ has been made, in order to support our missions in the Philippines. So we ended this day with wonderful news!


A big thank you to the CERZA staff, and particularly to Frédéric, for their welcome, their help throughout the day and their commitment to our projects! We look forward to organizing this beautiful event again next year, hoping to see many of you there.


If you missed us at CERZA, the season of interventions is not over, find all our events on the dedicated page of our website.