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News of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

By ABConservation - Updated on 23/03/2020

Renovating aviaries is part of our volunteers' work. [Credit R. Perrucaud]

Since August 2019, ABConservation has launched a project to help in the renovation of the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (PWRCC). In the context of this program, which is expected to last several years, volunteers are welcomed in Palawan by ABConservation’s team and PWRCC staff to carry out construction work in this wildlife rescue center.

Binturongs are our priority... but not the only one!

This work is extensive: ranging from repairing aviary gates to building new enclosures, we are not short of work at the PWRCC!

Of course, binturongs are our priority, but given the urgent need for help for the care of other animals at the center, we couldn’t favor our dear binturongs only. Indeed, the center is home to many species: macaques, porcupines, eagles, cockatoos, mynas, hornbills,... Some of them are likely to be rehabilitated and released in the wild, provided that husbandry at the center is improved rapidly.

This why, in 2020, we have set three initial objectives for the program:

1/ Building an enclosure for one of the binturongs that cannot be released in the wild.

2/ Building an aviary to rehabilitate raptors.

3/ Renovating an old vivarium for a pet reticulated python : it was abandoned by its owner and has reached an extraordinary size for a wild specimen.

Your donations will be exclusively spent on our programs dedicated to binturongs.

This list comes in addition to the small works undertaken on two aviaries in 2019, which allowed to improve the well-being of two sea eagles.

However, rest assured that the money you donate us goes directly and exclusively to our programs dedicated to binturongs! Only the funds raised through this dedicated crowdfunding campaign ( are used for this specific program, and are distributed evenly between the various projects, depending on their cost and relative urgency.

We will obviously keep you informed regularly on our progress through articles and videos, so keep posted!



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