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Rufford Small Grants Conference Philippines 2020

By ABConservation - Updated on 12/02/2020

Participants of the Rufford Conference. [Credit LAMAVE]

On February 6 and 7, 2020, our scientific officer and co-president, Agathe, was invited to participate in the first Rufford1 conference in the Philippines. Organized by a local non-profit organization dedicated to marine wildlife, LAMAVE, the conference took place in Manila and brought together some 40 conservation actors working mainly in the Philippines.

The Bearcat Study Program naturally found its place in this conference

In a family atmosphere, the participants presented their various projects: art in environmental outreach, studies on whale sharks or bats, setting up protected areas, Philippine freshwater crocodile conservation project, etc. There was no lack of diversity in the topics list and the Bearcat Study Program easily found its place in this conference. Reflecting the work of an empowered and committed Filipino community, these two days brought together scientists, activists and conservationists, whose common and assertive desire to act for environment conservation stands as our daily inspiration.

We would like to thank the entire LAMAVE team for their warm welcome and flawless event organization, as well as all the participants whose overwhelming passion for our planet reminded us that by acting together, we can achieve anything. The goal is definitely worth striving for.

1 The Rufford Foundation is an English non-profit organization whose goal is to provide grants for conservation projects in developing countries. Grants are preferentially awarded to local M.Sc or PhD students. Rufford conferences represent an opportunity for the grant recipients and guest local conservationists to share their work. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus crisis in China, members of the English office were unable to participate in this year's conference.



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