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Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation

By ABConservation - Updated on 23/01/2020

Founded and managed by Jacqueline Baut, the foundation is dedicated to the improvement of animal welfare, especially for stray animals. [Credit A. Debruille]

Since the start of her volunteering mission in Palawan in 2018, our scientific officer, Agathe, has been involved in another local organization: the Palawan Animal Welfare Foundation.

Founded and entirely managed by Jacqueline Baut, an incredibly resourceful Belgian woman, this organization is working to improve the welfare of animals in Palawan, whether they are stray cats and dogs or farm animals.

Stray cats and dogs in need of medical care are countless on Palawan Island, Philippines.  

Indeed, as is the case in many developing countries, there are countless stray cats and dogs roaming on the island, and they are often in poor condition. With the help of two local veterinarians, Dr. Hiceta and Dr. Quintero, her faithful assistant Flore, and many volunteers - who are too numerous to all be mentioned - Jacqueline organizes free neutering campaigns in various locations of the island. During the latest action, the team managed to neuter more than 100 cats and dogs in El Nido Town.

A stray dog - Palawan Island, Philippines. [Credit R. Perrucaud]

Always full of energy, Jacqueline never stops and her dynamism takes her well beyond a few neutering campaigns: helping to manage impounded animals, checking the standards for the loading of water buffalos in liners headed to Manila, organizing a volunteer network to carry out first aid in El Nido and Port Barton, two cities in which no veterinarian is available... Jacqueline puts animal wellbeing at the heart of her approach and even travels to Manila to participate in debate committees for new animal management laws.

It is therefore with pleasure and enthusiasm that Agathe joined the team of this big-hearted activist. Indeed, as a veterinarian, Agathe naturally took part in neutering campaigns by taking on anesthesia administration and monitoring. Little by little, their shared passion for animals brought Jacqueline and Agathe closer together, and the two of them might find joint projects for both associations to work on... So stay tuned!



French Office
57 rue Cuvier MNHN CP31
75005 Paris
Filipino Office
79 Abanico Road, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa city
5300 Palawan

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