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Environmental education training for the teachers of the Palawan State University

By ABConservation - Updated on 30/12/2019

A training on environmental education (EE) was organised by M. Vergniol for the PSU. [Credit L. Grace]

In December, Murielle did a training session on environmental education (EE) for several teachers of the PSU (Palawan State University), with the help of Agathe and Katherine from the PCSD. It took place at the PSU during two days, on December 9th and 10th.

A total of 25 people attended the traning. College teachers of various courses were there: Arts and Humanities, Business Accountancy, Criminal Justice Education, Engineering and Architecture, Hospitality and Tourism management, Nurse and Science, College of Science, Teachers Education, Graduate school, San Rafael.

Several topics were discussed:

  • Environmental laws of Palawan
  • Environmental education: definition, goals and national action plan in the Philippines
  • Various themes that could be discussed during the lessons and activities that could be implemented
  • How to include EE in existing curricula
  • Possible limitations one can face when working to include EE in their curriculum

We finished the session with 2 workshops about integrating EE in curricula and useful community and school resources that can be used to liven up EE activities.

During this training, the teachers learned that EE can also be integrated in curricula other than science courses, for example medicine and architecture.

Our warm thanks to Mrs Josol, Miss Lovely and the PSU ESO (Extension Services Office) team for their help in the organization of this training. Many thanks to Katherine as well for her presentations.



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