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First days of environmental education at the Holy Trinity University

By ABConservation - Updated on 01/12/2019

Murielle training science teachers of the Holy Trinity University. [Credit A. Debruille]

On October 28th and 29th, Murielle, our education officer, did a one-hour training session each day for science teachers of the Holy Trinity University (HTU).

The 6 professors of the main campus of the HTU (elementary, junior and senior high school) participated.

This training addressed various topics on the theme of environmental education.

On the first day, the program was as follows:

  • Environmental Education (EE) and its objectives
  • Why should we have EE at school?
  • EE topics to consider
  • Pedagogy to talk about EE
  • Ideas of activities to talk about EE
  • Creating activities to talk about EE / incorporate EE into the school curriculum

On the second day, the program was:

  • Debate: Why are students aware of having to protect our planet, but do not necessarily act accordingly?
  • Motivating students to be more respectful of our planet
  • Actions that can be done every day to protect our planet
  • Inspiring Filipinos and actions done in the Philippines to protect our planet

At the end of the training, an elementary teacher asked if it was possible to give a presentation for her students soon.

This will be added to activities on the theme of energy, water, waste, plants and animals that will be done regularly with the kindergarten teacher throughout the school year.


Many thanks to the HTU for giving us the opportunity to organise this training, to the attending motivated teachers, and a special thank you to Mrs Cyndy Hinguillo, who helped with the logistical organisation of this training.



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