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Wether in France or in the Philippines, our teams are eager to act for the preservation of the binturong and its environment. Education, scientific research, conservation actions, ... Each domain has a specialist in ABConservation, thus, don't hesitate to contact us for any request.

The Head

Pauline Kayser

President of ABConservation
Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Arboreal Homos sapiens
Gender: Female
Diet: The sweeter it is, the more she enjoys it
Location: Jungle of Paris
Distinctive features: Loud and communicative laugh, formidable tantrums
Personality: Lively and sociable, like the binturong
Favorite hobbies: hiking, climbing, petting her cats, taking care of animals, reading, watching dramas and listening to music
Pauline has been working as a zookeeper since 2012 with the binturongs of the Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes, in Paris. She quickly fell for the shaggy hair and the lively and sociable nature of binturongs. Concerned about their fate in captivity as much as in their natural environment, and being eager to know more about them, she realized after a lot of research that the species is both unknown and threatened. In 2014, she decided to create an association that aims to promote knowledge and protection of this species. Arctictis Binturong Conservation was born!

Frédéric Premier

Treasurer of ABConservation

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Diet: Omnivore avec tendance à la tisane au thym
Location: Paris, France
Distinctive features: Long neck and flat feet
Personality: Calm and patient, and almost perfect
Favorite hobbies: Board games, walking, volleyball

After studying radioprotection physics and completing an engineering degree, Frederic is hired by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). In 2011, at the same time as his partner Pauline, he discovered binturongs. He is above all the first person to show support to our president in this great adventure, and has been involved in the life of the association since its earliest beginnings, particularly through the write-up of articles, at first without being an official bureau member. He naturally accepted, in 2016 during the association General Meeting, the position of secretary, then in 2018 he took on the role of treasurer (as he’s more comfortable with numbers).

Melissa Perrigon

Secretary of ABConservation

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Omnivorous
Location: Hauts-de-seine
Distinctive features: Known for her glasses and her characteristic pout on pictures
Personality: Quiet, loyal, quirky sense of humor
Favorite hobbies: Eating ("Food is Life") ; vaguely trying some art activity, giving up, moving on to another

Melissa met Agathe during her veterinary studies. Being passionate about wildlife and its conservation as well, after working in small-animal practices she left to volunteer in a rehabilitation center in Cambodia, then went to complete a Masters degree in Wild Animal Health in London. When she got back in France, she talked with Agathe about binturongs and the work of ABConservation, she wanted to give a hand to the association. In May 2018, she was given the role of secretary: she is in charge of proofreading most publications, assists in the translation of texts into English and attends meetings with Pauline and Agathe.

Éléa Delsaux

Secretary - Scientific officer

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Vegetables & pizzas
Location: Palawan soon
Distinctive features: Suntanned and daily hiccups
Personality: Determined, observant, social but a little reserved
Favorite hobbies: Taking care of her animals (a horse and a guinea pig!), watching the sunset, walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, learning, reading and listening to music

Passionate about animals since childhood and dedicated to their protection, Éléa has always wished to work in the field of wildlife conservation. She therefore oriented her higher education in this direction and met the ABConservation team in 2019 for her 3rd year internship in Biology & Ecology. She went to Palawan Island for one month and fell in love with the island, the binturong and the association. After obtaining a Master's degree in Ethology & Ecology in 2021 and having carried out several experiences as a Study Officer, Éléa invested herself voluntarily in the association at the Scientific Pole and the Communication Pole. In October 2022, she took over the status of Scientific Officer and joined the association's board in November as Secretary. In January 2023, she will join the Philippines team in Palawan to lead our research program.

Ameline Roger

Secretary of ABConservation

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Make efforts
Location: Always on the move
Distinctive features: Extremely long hair
Personality: Quiet and reserved, but also very curious and cannot stand inactivity
Favorite hobbies:  Walking alone or with friends, playing board games, helping in care centers, trying new things

Passionate about wildlife and nature in general, Ameline has completed numerous internships in the animal world in parallel with her biology studies. When she reached the halfway point of her master's degree in ethology in Rennes, Ameline decided to take a break from her studies to think about her future. Deciding to get involved in associations, she joined ABConservation as a volunteer in 2021 to assist in zoo animations. Starting her gap year with a civic service in a wildlife care center of the LPO, she finally joined the educational branch in May 2022 and then joined the office as secretary in November 2022.

Agathe Debruille

Secretary - Scientific officer

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Omnivorous with frugivorous tendencies
Location: Nantes, France
Distinctive features: Sheer white skin that tends to become invisible, bruises easily
Personality: Sweet but energetic, motivated and persistant
Favorite hobbies: Dancing, having drinks with friends and taking care of animals of course!

Name of her favorite binturong: Baliti

Agathe took advantage of her veterinary studies to do several internships with wildlife, which eventually brought her to the Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes, in Paris, in January 2016. During her experience there she got to know the binturong and literally fell under the spell of this species that is so endearing with its Yoda ears. Agathe naturally found her place in the association as scientific officer. Taking more and more responsibilities in the association, she became Co-President in May 2018 and then leave France to volunteer in the Philippines from September 2018 to March 2020. Since she came back to France, she handle the research program from abroad and assists Pauline in administrative tasks.

The educational branch - ABConservation Pays de la Loire

Mathilde coupée

Mathilde Rebuffaud

Educational programs officer of the branch

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Vegan
Location: In her shoes
Distinctive features: Not her shoes, it changes everyday!
Personality: Calm and dynamic, sociable and solitary,... but always engaged!
Favorite hobbies: Often observed cooking, practicing yoga or playing board games.

Early passionated by museums, nature and sciences, Mathilde naturally makes her studies at the National Natural History Museum of Paris, France. Fallen by chance into the pot of scientific mediation, she decides to carreer there, and completes her Msc in natural sciences by a Msc in scientific mediation at the ENS. She meets Pauline in 2013, while working at La Ménagerie as educational officer. She then helps ABConservation in the organisation of events such as the World Binturong Day and the Feast of Nature! Since this meeting, she kept in touch with Pauline and Agathe and she paticipates now in the activities of the organisation as educational program officer in France.

If you want to know more about our educational actions in France, you can visit its dedicated website (French only).

Filipino team


Romain Pageaud

Public Relation Manager
International solidarity volunteer


Kingdom: Animal

Class: Mammal
Species: Homo sapiens 
Gender: Male
Diet: to be improved
Location: Palwan
Distinctive features: loves the heat and always drinks frozen
Personality: Curieux, désireux d’améliorer les choses
Favorite hobbies: a bande dessinée, le manga, « aller voir ailleurs si j’y suis »

Roimain studied in business school, making project and team management his first choice.
During his education, he seizes an opportunity to discover the environment of international solidarity while he made a gap year in the Philippines. Fallen under the spell, he decides to follow the adventure in social and pedagogical environment in Infonesia, Cambodia and Philippines, in schools and NGOs. After about ten years, he gets back to Europe where he works in social environment.

The wish for a new adventure being itching, he candidates for a job offer from ABConservation in 2020. Recruited early 2020, he finally leaves in August 2021 as Public Relation Officer with a International Solidarity volunteering contract.

Aymeric Dufresnoy

Research Project Manager
"Volontaire associatif"

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Classification : Primate - Haplorrhinian - Simiiform - Catarrhinian - Hominoid - Hominin - Homo sapiens 
Gender: Male

Age : Half old, half young
Diet: Vegetarian but weak-minded so don't offer him meat because he will accept it...
Location: Where his legs are taking him
Distinctive features: After a wrong manupilation with his neurones, he makes way too many puns (not always fun)
Personality: Naturalist lover and crazy adventurer
Favorite hobbies: Far from being a pro, he loves photography more and more

Biologist specialised in biodiversity conservation, Aymeric has worked on coral fish in French Polynesia, wild bees aroung Paris and Chimpanzees in Guinea. As Covid didn’t help him to find a job in France, he widened his research area to the rest of the world. He has been recruited in January 2022 as Research Project manager and left FRance at the beginning of the year for Palawan, to study, understand and preserve this "bear cat" better known as Binturong.

Priscylia Luit

Project assistant
Service civique

Kingdom: Animal 
Class: Mammal
Species: Homo sapiens
Gender: Female
Diet: Drinking coffee is like eating rice it should be three times a day
Location: Palawan Island, Philippines

Distinctive features: easy to laugh
Personality: Casual
Favorite hobbies: Discovering new places, eating and photography

Priscylia graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication, marketing and events. She worked in several companies as an event project manager and communication manager. After these studies, she wanted to go abroad to work in an NGO, discover a new culture, and a new country.  


Rollyna Marie Domingo

Research assistant

Kingdom: Animal 
Class: Mammal
Species: Homo sapiens
Gender: Female
Diet:coffee (you can never have too much), pasta for quick and easy meals

Location: Palawan Island, Philippines

Distinctive features:glasses, short hair, and her really tanned skin
Personality: Ca cat person, owns too many weekly planners and stickers
Favorite hobbies:illustration and photography

Rollyna is a budding wildlife biologist and illustrator originally based in Cavite and Laguna. She graduated from University of the Philippines Los Baños where she majored in Wildlife Biology in July 2021. Other than her academic track, working and leading an environmental organization in university allowed her to fall in love with conservation and sustainability initiatives. She got in touch with ABConservation through her academic adviser and pursuing an undergraduate thesis about Binturongs. Her thesis focused on predicting the possible distribution of binturongs in Palawan based on available records. She was recruited in January 2022 and is now a research assistant under ABConservation.

If you also wish to join one of those teams, you can access to volunteering offers on the page:


French Office
57 rue Cuvier MNHN CP31
75005 Paris
Filipino Office

88 Paduga Road, Barangay santa Monica

Puerto Princesa City

5300 Palawan, Philippines


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