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Our Branches

The up-rising number of actions and their place of realisation is handled by three branches, each of them having its own specificity. Complementing one another, they ensure the good realisation of ABConservation's missions.

The Head Office

The missions:

  • Running the organization, with the organisation of the board of directors and the general assembly
  • Coordinating the various projects,and supervising the international projets
  • Administrative management of the organization (status, accountancy, volunteering programs, ...)


Pauline Kayser

Mail :

Courrier : 57 rue Cuvier


75005 Paris

Discover the members of the Board of Directors on the page:

The educational branch - ABConservation Pays de la Loire

The missions:

  • Coordinating of the French actions in terms of environmental and sustainable developpement education
  • Initiating projects centered on the publics and their learning
  • Implementing innovative educational plans


Mathilde Rebuffaud

Mail :


The educational branch has its own website dedicated to the environmental and sustanable developpement education. Don't hesitate to visit:

The Filipino Office

The missions:

  • Implementing the research program of the binturong in its natural environment,named the Bearcat study Program
  • Implementing a program to raise awareness and improve environemental education, the program « From Awareness to Actions for Nature Conservation »
  • Implementing conservation actions on the binturong and its environement (partnership with a rescue center, lobbying,...)


Ameline Roger

Mail :

Courrier : Pablico road 1, Barangay Tiniguiban,

Puerto Princesa City

5300 Palawan, Philippines

To know more about our Filipino projects, please visit our actions' page:


French Office
57 rue Cuvier MNHN CP31
75005 Paris
Filipino Office
Pablico road 1, Barangay Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa City
5300 Palawan

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