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ABConservation is the only organisation in the world entirely dedicated to the study and protection of the binturong, a small mammal of Southeast Asia. Little known or studied by scientists, everything remains to be done and the challenge is daunting! We are working both in Europe and in the field in Asia to promote, inform, educate, share, study, and protect the binturong.

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Our missions

Our missions are simple:
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Our team

Pauline Kayser

President of ABConservation
Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Arboreal Homos sapiens
Gender: Female
Diet: The sweeter it is, the more she enjoys it
Location: Jungle of Paris
Distinctive features: Loud and communicative laugh, formidable tantrums
Personality: Lively and sociable, like the binturong
Favorite hobbies: hiking, climbing, petting her cats, taking care of animals, reading, watching dramas and listening to music
Pauline has been working as a zookeeper since 2012 with the binturongs of the Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes, in Paris. She quickly fell for the shaggy hair and the lively and sociable nature of binturongs. Concerned about their fate in captivity as much as in their natural environment, and being eager to know more about them, she realized after a lot of research that the species is both unknown and threatened. In 2014, she decided to create an association that aims to promote knowledge and protection of this species. Arctictis Binturong Conservation was born!

Agathe Debruille

Co-president & scientific officer
Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Omnivorous with frugivorous tendencies
Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Distinctive features: Sheer white skin that tends to become invisible, bruises easily
Personality: Sweet but energetic, motivated and persistant
Favorite hobbies: Dancing, having drinks with friends and taking care of animals of course!

Name of her favorite binturong: Baliti

Agathe took advantage of her veterinary studies to do several internships with wildlife, which eventually brought her to the Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes, in Paris, in January 2016. During her experience there she got to know the binturong - a species she had discovered when she was younger, when visiting The Menagerie - and literally fell under the spell of this species that is so endearing with its Yoda ears. Her internship allowed her to complete her veterinary thesis on stress in captive binturongs, and Agathe naturally found her place in the association as scientific officer. Taking more and more responsibilities in the association, she became Co-President in May 2018 and is also a full-time volunteer for the Bearcat Study Program in the Philippines since October 2018.

Murielle Vergniol

Educational programs officer
Kingdom: Animal with a photosynthetic tendency (loves the sun)
Class: Mammal
Species: Undetermined, but must belong to Felids
Gender: Female
Diet: Mangovore
Location: Tropical forests of Toulouse and the Philippines since July 2019
Distinctive features: A bit crazy, marvels at details that may seem insignificant
Personality: Always on board, execrable when she is tired
Favorite hobbies: Acting for biodiversity and for others, zero waste, dreaming, stargazing, hibernating (significant drop in activity below 25 °C)
Murielle got in touch with ABConservation for the first time in late 2015, while doing her Master's degree in Ecology, for an internship application. The Bearcat Study Program was only at the project planning stage at that time, so we advised her to contact us again the following year. In 2016, Murielle came to help ABConservation during educational interventions in France. And in 2018, we naturally offered her a volunteer position as Scientific Assistant and Junior Project Manager, for 5 months, based in the Philippines. In 2019, she flew back to Palawan as our Educational Programs Officer!

Melissa Perrigon

Secretary of ABConservation

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Diet: Omnivorous
Location: Hauts-de-seine
Distinctive features: Known for her glasses and her characteristic pout on pictures
Personality: Quiet, loyal, quirky sense of humor
Favorite hobbies: Eating ("Food is Life") ; vaguely trying some art activity, giving up, moving on to another

Melissa met Agathe during her veterinary studies. Being passionate about wildlife and its conservation as well, after working in small-animal practices she left to volunteer in a rehabilitation center in Cambodia, then went to complete a Masters degree in Wild Animal Health in London. When she got back in France, she talked with Agathe about binturongs and the work of ABConservation, she wanted to give a hand to the association. In May 2018, she was given the role of secretary: she is in charge of proofreading most publications, assists in the translation of texts into English and attends meetings with Pauline and Agathe.

Frédéric Premier

Treasurer of ABConservation

Kingdom: Animal
Class: Mammal
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Diet: Omnivorous with a tendency to smoke cigarettes and drink wine
Location: Paris, France
Distinctive features: Long neck and flat feet
Personality: Calm and patient, and almost perfect
Favorite hobbies: Board games, walking, volleyball

After studying radioprotection physics and completing an engineering degree, he is hired by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). In 2011, at the same time as his partner Pauline, he discovered binturongs. He is above all the first person to show support to our president in this great adventure, and has been involved in the life of the association since its earliest beginnings, particularly through the write-up of articles, at first without being an official bureau member. He naturally accepted, in 2016 during the association General Meeting, the position of secretary, then in 2018 he took on the role of treasurer (as he’s more comfortable with numbers).
Each project has its own team, so you can find out about the other actors of binturong conservation in the pages dedicated to our programs.
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Our partners

"Bearcat Study Program"

Western Philippines University

Palawan State University

City Environment And Natural Resource Office

Puerto Princesa City

Palawan Council for Sustainable Development

Katala Foundation

Barangay Corong-Corong

Barangay Langogan


Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center


"From Awareness to Action for Nature Conservation"

Department of Education divsion of Puerto Princesa City

Western Philippines University

Palawan State University

Holy Trinity University

Young Environmental Advocates Hubs

Break Free From Plastic

In Southeast Asia

Laos Conservation Trust for Wildlife

Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja

Anoulak organisation


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Memphis Zoo

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia

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Zoo de Lyon

Parc animalier d'Auvergne

Parc zoo du Reynou

Zoo de la Boissière Du Doré

Zooparc de Trégomeur

La ménagerie, le zoo du Jardin des plantes

Zoo de Heidelberg

Tierpak Berlin

Longleat Safari Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Hamerton Zoo Park

Dudley Zoological Gardens

Wild Zoological Park

Organisations and other foundations

Boissière-Mervent Conservation

La Passerelle Conservation

Ecofaune de la Barben

Berufsverband der Zootierpfleger

Association Française des Soigneurs Animaliers

Association Française des Parcs Zoologiques


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