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You are dreaming of learning more about the binturong? You wish you could meet our team?

Come join us during our events!

Focus on: World Binturong Day

This is a very special day that allows ABConservation’s team, as well as all our partners and all binturong lovers, to celebrate this amazing animal and spread the word about it!

Educational activity led by Pauline - Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, France. Credit E. Baril

The World Binturong Day takes place every year, on the 2nd Saturday of May.

It takes place every year on the second Saturday of May. This year, it will take place on samedi 11 mai 2024 et ce sera déjà la 10ème édition ! Last year no less than 50 establishments from all over the world celebrated this day with us. In addition, each year, ABConservation is present at La Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes in Paris for the organization of this special event.


As a binturong lover:

Vous pouvez simplement partager sur les réseaux sociaux votre photo préférée de binturong avec le hashtag #BINTURONGDAY2024. Les plus belles photos seront ensuite re-postées en story sur nos comptes Instagram et Facebook !

You can also visit one of the following institutions, that have officially announced their participation, so you can take part in the activities they organized. If you feel even more motivated, you can organise something yourself, for your community!


As an event organizer:

Feel free to send us an email at if you want to be officially part of the list above. We can also share your event on our social media pages to help you reach more potential visitors. And, as we know it is often time-consuming to create educational material, we are happy to share our own for free:

  • An educational booklet
  • Educational panels on the binturong
  • Printable masks
  • Coloring sheets
  • A « Game of the binturong » board game template  

Here are other ideas you can use to create helpful tools to talk about the binturong:

  • Pictures of binturongs
  • A binturong made of papier-mâché
  • Forest pictures
  • Globe or world map
  •  Exotic fruits from Asia
  •  A scent box (with popcorn hidden inside)
  •  Pictures showing how binturongs use their prehensile tail
  •  Pictures showing how binturongs can disseminate seeds

Finally, some suggestions for activities:

  • A giant board game with quizzes about the binturong
  • Workshop on how to create seed balls
  • Tasting activities with palm oil-free products (made locally if possible)
  • A race for binturongs
  • For rescue centers or zoos housing binturongs, workshops on enrichment crafting 
  • Creating miniature models of the binturong’s natural habitat
  • Treasure hunt
  • Face-painting booth
  • Photo booth with a nice background picture of a binturong
  • Drawing contest

We are excited to celebrate another World Binturong Day with you!


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